Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting braces

On june 23rd I got my braces. I thought I was only going to get  my top braces but I got top and bottom which made it fun and not fun at the same time. It was fun because it was exciting.  It was exciting because all my other friends got braces before me, so I wanted to get mine on.   It was not fun because they hurt really bad.
They hurt at the beginning and then the week after they don't hurt.  The day after I got my braces they gave me a big canker on the side of my mouth and now this week I got a canker at the front of my mouth that hurts really bad.  I really hate having braces  1st reasen is because my braces have gave me to cancorsors that hurt really bad.2nd reason I did not want my braces was because the day I got my braces they hert really bad they still hurt on the day after I got my braces.  And my mom let me have one of her strawberry popsicles and she odesn't ever let us have them, but she let me have one of them because my teeth hurt really bad.  The day after that it gave me a really bad canker sore on the back of my mouth.  When we were camping I forgot to bring my wax, so my canker sore was hurting really bad.  So my mom told me to ask my dad if surfboard wax would be safe to use on my teeth.  He said no, but then he said it won't kill me, which I thought was funny. 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby brother

I have a new baby brother, his name is Fox and he is {how many months old is he?} 3 1/2 months old. He is so cute. He sometimes smiles. When we talk to him he smiles a lot and he makes funny noises. Even if he isn't laughing he makes funny noises. I get to hold Fox a lot because my parents ask me to and I just say I want to. He even has a pair of shoes and a pair of socks. He also is a little sick. He has a cold and a runny nose. I wonder if I have the same thing because my nose has been runny really long, but I haven't been coughing at all. Fox is sleeping right now. He looks really cute whne he is sleeping. He always falls asleep whne he is in his swing, but there is no more batteries in his swing so we just have to push it to make it work. Once I was talking to him and just saying Hi and I just kept on saying Hi again and again and again and he started laughing, it was funny. He sounds reall weird whne he does it. Yetserday at my soccer gaem, I was not in the game, I was out of my soccer game and I was tlaking to Fox but he wouldn't smile at me. But then he started smiling at me, but then my dad told me to watch my soccer game and so I did. Today we are waching So You Think YOu can Dance and Fox is in his swing thing and watching the tv.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My baby brother

I have a baby brother his name is fox.He is three months old. He has red hair and he is so cute. He does not know how to walk yet, and he was born July 9th.

Updates on me

Yesterday it was my sixth soccer game. We have to play each team 3 times. We have only played each team twice. Before the game, I was saying we were going to win but we did not win. I almost scored a goal, but I didn't. The other team scored 7 and we scored 0. I tried my best to score a goal. The player of the game was Jade. My sister's team lost 5-3, but my sister scored a goal. Yahoo! AFter my sister's soccer game we went to Subway for lunch. Then we went home and watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars with our dad and Fox. Then we went to Jani's Halloween party, then home and to bed. I didn't really have a costume yet, so I just wore black leggings and a crazy skirt and a crazy shirt and a wig. A purple wig and pink wig.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life, 9/20/09

I hate school. It is the worst thing I have done in life. (awkward laughter). Fridays are the best days because they have Coldstone after school and breakfast before school for sale and they always have the best lunch in the cafeteria. Since I have lunch last they have been running out of the lunch I want to eat. Also, I like Fridays because it is a short day. I like short days because I want to hold Fox more and Fox wants me to hold him. On Saturdays I love it because I had my second soccer game.
At school I like to play on the monkey bars. I play with my friend, Bella.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my first soccer game

Last saterday it was my first soccer game. In the firt hafe of the game did not score a goal but the other team did score a goal but not more then one. In the second hafe of the game are team scord a goal .the score was a tie.