Sunday, October 18, 2009

Updates on me

Yesterday it was my sixth soccer game. We have to play each team 3 times. We have only played each team twice. Before the game, I was saying we were going to win but we did not win. I almost scored a goal, but I didn't. The other team scored 7 and we scored 0. I tried my best to score a goal. The player of the game was Jade. My sister's team lost 5-3, but my sister scored a goal. Yahoo! AFter my sister's soccer game we went to Subway for lunch. Then we went home and watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars with our dad and Fox. Then we went to Jani's Halloween party, then home and to bed. I didn't really have a costume yet, so I just wore black leggings and a crazy skirt and a crazy shirt and a wig. A purple wig and pink wig.

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